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The Native Club 12


Winemaker Darby English has a great passion for all things fly fishing. One of his favorite things to do is grab his spey rod and swing flies for Native steelhead on any coastal river he can find. But the official state fish of Washington is in trouble and needs our help.

These iconic game fish are an important part of the cultural and economic legacy in the Pacific Northwest but have been reduced to a fraction of their historic abundance. Over harvest, habitat degradation, including human-constructed barriers to migration, misguided management strategies, and ineffective hatchery practices have all contributed to the decline, and in some cases, extinction of wild steelhead runs. You can support wild steelhead by joining the Native club.



You can support wild steelhead by joining the Native club.

  • You will receive 6 or 12 bottles per year of our Native club wine.
  • This wine is made just for the club and will be a reserve blend using predominately Red Mountain Cabernet.
  • We are keeping the price low at $35 a bottle to encourage people to support this great cause.
  • 20% will go back to the Wild Steelhead Coalition to recover and conserve these magical fish for our future generations.
  • A big blowout party every year at the production facility
  • Complimentary tasting for you and a guest in our Woodinville tasting room.


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